Senseable is developing sensor technology specifically for drones. Enhancing the drones capabilities beyond simple GPS based waypoint mission execution.

Senseable has finished the first set of tests with a new drone safety system, that enables the drone to safely land if an emergency arrises. Scroll down to the infographics!


Drones have proven very useful for a long range of purposes - and this is still just the begining! With todays advanced micro controllers and single board computers, drone usage is ready for the next level of autonomy and mission execution.

At Sensable, our mission is to enable drones to act with a higher level of autonomy as well as expanding the possebilities and usage of UAV's.
Our main focus is safe technologies for drones - systems that enhance the safty of the drone itself as well as people and material were drones are used.

As several companies (Google, Amazon and Whalmart) ventures into drone delivery, the importance of having reliable drone safety systems have never been greater.

Thank you Sky-Watch, IBM, Mj°lner Informatics and Boeing for naming ALF as the winner of this years Shark Tank!

ALF, STL and VLM can be incorporated into a small hardware unit that integrates with the flightcontroller (APM/PIXHAWK/MWC). The unit has an onboard sensor pack as well as a camera and microprocessor. The unit also has a wifi hot spot and is controlled using a simple webinterface. This system is able to process picture information in real time.

Below is a listing of our current projects

The DropShip!
A host of sensors delivered to remote locations that can't be reached by foot or car.
Useful for geophysical monitoring, survailance and a host of other uses!
The basic vehicle is a barebone system that can be configured with various sensors

DEPLOY The Dropship is deployed from a drone and uses a drogue for safe landing
COLLECT The Dropship collects and stores data from the onboard sensors
RETRIEVE Data can be harvested over the air at a distance of upto 3 kilometers (1.8 miles).
You can use a drone for the data pickup!
It's real

The Dropship first prototype transmitting data back to HQ. The device is capable of extreme low power operation and has options for storing wast amounts of data onboard for later upload.

Introducing The DropShip

The Automatic Landingsite Finder uses a combination of camera and inertial sensor technology to continously monitor the ground below and find a suitable place to land if the situation requires it.

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Visual Land Marks (VLM)
Using earth based geometric shapes as "road signs" for drones, where the sign information is coded into the shapes and their geometric relations. The system can be used as an alternative to GPS navigation, marking a disaster area or to pinpoint a moving landing spot.

STL (Safe To Land)
Sophisticated movement detection from above. Detecting ground based movement is useful in a variety of scenarios. Safe to land aims at beeing able to determine movement with a high acuracy even from a fast moving platform like a drone (even fixed wing)

Universal gas sensing
Using drones to determine gas exaust and mapping/tracking a cloud of gas can be a very valuebel tool in many environmental research scenarios. Drones allow to not only detect but also track and measure gas concentrations at various altitudes, making an "x-ray" scan of the gas venting.

Other sideprojects and research topics
Senseable continuesly experiment with cutting edge technologies like dynamic mission execution, multi drone missions and human drone interaction.

Airflow visualization of a drone mountable pod. The pod can carry sensor equipment while integrating with the drones guidance system, to perform advanced real time analysis. 

Combining it all
Using both ALF and STL in conjunction with a database of known landing sites and a logics core that is able to monitor the drones healt, gives us the ability to handle any emergency situation that can arise during flight - 100% autonomously.
The system can be implemented as a small hardware unit that is located on the drone and which is self sufficient and able to take control of the drone or simply give the flightcontroller the needed information to perform a safe emergency landing.